Octoberfest 2007 will occured on October  4,5,6,7, and 8th  which was Columbus Day weekend the Monday of which is a Federal Holiday.    We also plan to celibrate Doug W's 40th Birthday which was in September.  You can bring a present, card or gag gift if you like or you can just laugh.  There will be a cake.

Spring Fling 2007 Occured May 3-7.  Many things happened.  Food will was Eaten.  Stuff was burned. It didn't really rain.

Mr Barrentine sent me some pictures of what happened when This Summer of 2006 Hurricane Ernesto Hit the Lake House  

A bar

The Shoot 2006 Happened  Here are some Pictures

OctoberFest 2006 Is coming on the Days of October 5,6,7,8 and 9th.  I plan to be there Thursday.  Things may be planned but the usual will happen.  As Always There will be a Pot Luck Dinner Saturday nite followed by a raffle of things both wonderful and grand.

Per the request of Betsy, Butch and Faye.  I am putting the following announcement here.  Don't know what it is so don't ask me.

*Attention All Turners (including spouses & kids):*
Please see Butch, Betsy or Faye *as soon* as you arrive to the cabin at
OctoberFest… We have something GREAT for the Turner family members!

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 Spring Fling 2006 Happened on May 4,5,6,7 and 8th.  It was a laid back affair with good weather and good times.  The music was very entertaining and we appreciate the performers efforts.  We did have a party crasher show up which was not appreciated.  Please do not invite strangers to our events. 

By the way, Nick Rented a great big powerful BULLDOZER for Labour Day Weekend and we flattened ALL the Cabins roads. The Gravel Pit is no longer scary. The great roads will last untill a couple of good rain storms.


OctoberFest 2005 happened on October 6, 7, 8 and 9th. The Rain Scared all the non dedicated away but it kept the dust down. The rain let up just after lunch on saturday and we had a wonderful time eating the turkey that Billy got with the crossbow and other things that people brought. The Raffle was great. Lots of good stuff. The singing performers, sang and performed. Life was good. Breakfast was cooked in the morning. The main trauma of the weekend was a Muddy Car. Big Ed tried to blow himself up with a balloon, The wind blew the baloon over on top of the fuse and exploded prematurely while he tried to do the wily coyote running thing in the muddy ground and not making progress, luckily he was wearing ear plugs, but he complained about it all day.


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Spring Fling 2005 was the weekend of April 29-May2. A lot of whimps chickened out because of the pretend BIG rain that the weather people had predicted. WELL there wasn't much RAIN. Saturday was a fairly good day with a couple of rain tinkles till about 5pm, then it got the ground a little wet until 8-ish.

There were no significant injuries, the only blood I saw was a smashed fingernail and a skinned knee. (No pictures. I might do a rendition tho.)

To those that hadent herd. Brenda found her jacket with the things inside it. Anna had taken it home.

We had some Marachi Singers serenaded us before dinner, which were Wilfredo's Dad and friend. It sounded good but I did not understand the words. Later the Dill Pickers and another very good singer did acoustical music under the pavilion. It sounded great. Much better than blasting that amplified loudspeaker stuff all over the valley. It allowed people to sing along, be heard by the performers and not be deafened.

   Saturday after noon: 1st Bi-Annual Ladies Wine Tasting Event had great female participation at the King George Pavilion. Wine was available along with cheese and crackers.

Sunday am Jeff B. hosted the Pancake breakfast, he did a wonderful job of doing sausage, Bacon and Eggs.


He Had Horns They Got Married He Got Shot

I took a number of picts of their wedding. All of the pictures in the slide show are at a low resolution. If you would want the original resolution picture. Just tell me which one and I will Email it to you. They average about 3-4Mb each.

The Wedding pictures of Pat and Beth

A High Resolution Pict of us Has been Requested here it is.

The Turner Xmas Picture for 2004 1.4Mb


OctoberFest 2004 at the Cabin with Picts


Chris Fails Mary PoppinsWet Big EdLake House 2004 Picts


I had Lasix Surgery on my Eyes Jan 14 2004. Right now my vision is 20/25 in both eyes, but I have to wear reading glasses. So things are backwards for me in that I used to take off my glasses to read. I am still not completely used to it. But so far I think it was a good thing to do.

The Fourth of July 2004 was a Wet One which prevented us from doing all the fireworks. It dropped 1.5" in about 2 hours and the creek rose up to the level of the grass in front of the cabin. Some Tents were flooded and there were some emergency evacuations to dry ground. A link to a lot of pictures which have not been edited much are HERE

The Shoot 2004 Happened in June. Targets were a Car, SpongeBob and there were Gun Babes.


Spring Fling 2004 Was Held the first week of May. Great fun was had by all.

There was a Fourtrak incident during Spring fling which everyone should be aware of. An Inexperienced Rider was carrying a passenger on a ride to the farm and at the 3rd creek crossing she flipped the bike backwards climbing out of the creek. The passenger was tossed safely but the driver got tangled in the bike which came down on her head. She had to undo the strap on her helmet to remove her head from the helmet which was pinned under the bike.


The Christmas List 2003

The Christmas List 2002


ATTENTION.. As of March 29, 2003, The Dill Pickers are in the Washington Post top 50 downloads this week! Their song, "Freight Train, Carry My Love," is the top downloaded bluegrass song. They even made the top 50 across all genres. You can check it out for yourself at http://mp3.washingtonpost.com/top_downloads.shtml

Octoberfest 2002was held Columbus Day Weekend. A large number of Tee Shirts werr sold which looked like THIS. .

From The Cruize Director (not really).

Your Coordinator JULIE

For the weekend after Octoberfest October 19,20, Paul Turner brought bunch of Brownies to go camping in the Cabin Field. About 6 brownies showed up with their Entorages. Brandy and Chelsea told them scary stories and took them for 4trak rides.

Ta Da , OctoberFest 2001 Came and went. The threating storm never really happened so it just got cooler and the fire was more welcome. The Feast and Lottery were well planned and the food was very good. The pumpkin carving contest was won by someone who carved a cat. Four pumpkins were sacrificed to the acetylene Balloon gods on Sunday and I recorded their many pieces. You can review a 1Mb video recording here -> Pumpkin Pop. The little noise you hear at the end is the sound of someone sitting too close to the pumpkin. People who stayed on for Sunday night were treated to a potentially new tradition, The Throwing of the MarshMallows, This was started by Pat Mullany with Steve Jone's help. Great fun was had by all and about 3 pounds of Marshmallows were sacrificed.

Octoberfest 2002 will be held on Columbus Day Weekend which is October 11,12,13 and 14.

Tee Shirts Will be available which look like THIS. Contact Brenda Turner 540-665-1887 or BrendaJeanT@MSN.com for information on Sizes and Costs.

An Octoberfest 2002 Message from the Cruize Director.

Time line first of all is Friday Welcome all.

Your Coordinator JULIE


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