My Video Page

I will add new files at the top of the page until I get organized.

FYI, My web account just got updated to 200Gb of storage for the same price.

Last Updated June 20, 2010

Paul shoots a Flame Thrower during the Shoot 2010 6Mb
At the Shoot 2008 A Car was defeated  40Mb 
Tom S
Tried to Jump a log with his 4 trak... He did not make it   18Mb 

For part of the Y2K Celibration at the Cabin  and We Burned a Couch  26Mb 

Way back in 2001, I sat to close to an exploding pumpkin. 3Mb When the shock wave got to me it sort of hurt my ears.

In July of 2002 I saw a Doe that had 4 fauns with it. 15 Mb 

In the spring of 2000 Somebody Rode in the Mud pit.  67Mb 

In Feb 2002 The Turner Cousins Lined up.  24 Mb 

In Jan 8 2002 We went on a Snow Extreem 4Trak ride.  407Mb

On July 4 at the top 60. Something blew up that shouldn't have 5Mb 

In June, Someone Torched the field at the North 60 11Mb 

In 1999, Nick was ripping Flaming pages out of a phone book 20Mb and tossed them into the night while the Murphys ran around and aggressivly stompped out the flames.

I have put a new video file of the June 2003 lawnmower death here -> 18Mb.

2001 Dizzy Ed 5Mb

2003 Death of SpongeBob 1.3Mb Rated PG

2003 Fireworks hits Ed's Truck Hi Res 3.5Mb.  You will need to slow the frame rate down to see the strike.  Or go Frame by frame.

Mud Pit vocano 46Mb

A girl scout requested that I film her doing monster noises 18Mb

A young Nick Blowing a Kiss 200Kb

Doug kills the mud pit 2.8Mb

2002 Shoot - Stan Shoots cannon 3.4Mb

Hungry Trout 6.4Mb

2002 Shoot - Death of a Water Heater 2Mb

How to Fix a Bulldozer Nick style 26Mb

2002 Jeep In Mudpit 46Mb

Squirrl Bunnie 16Mb

Turner Birthday Song for Faye 5Mb

Paul Spends $20 in 10 Seconds 2Mb

Eddie Plays Spin the Bottle 9Mb